The Design Your Own Park Competition

The DYOP Competition is a collaboration between the Binghamton Neighborhood Project, the City of Binghamton, and the United Way of Broome County to empower neighborhoods and restore outdoor play at a citywide scale. The city of Binghamton (NY) makes vacant lots and other neglected spaces available for neighborhoods to turn into parks of their own design. Faculty and students from Binghamton University’s Binghamton Neighborhood Project facilitate the design and implementation process and also assess the impact of the project on the strengths and needs of the neighborhoods. The United Way of Broome County helps to procure funds for implementing the parks. Neighborhood groups are expected to help maintain their parks, providing a basis for ongoing interactions and relieving the city of maintenance costs. Neighborhoods that become organized in the context of DYOP are empowered to address other needs such as safety, education, health, and employment. Although the DYOP Competition is still in its first year and cannot yet be considered a proven success, it provides a science-based model for other cities to coordinate efforts and find win-win situations at a scale that would be impossible otherwise.

Park Projects:

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